The Hidden Benefits of Yoga

Many people practice Yoga for the benefits of health and relaxation without realizing just all of the hidden benefits of the five thousand year old health and spiritual discipline. Me? I absolutely love to practice Yoga, and today I want to talk a little about what I believe are the hidden benefits.

Yoga involves a series of steps that are meant to put you in a state of relaxation, through various physical moves as well as breathing techniques. It isn’t simply a fitness routine however there are a lot of benefits to yoga, from relieving back pain to dealing with depression and so much more.

Yoga for Digestive Health

You might be surprised to learn that most disease is related to your digestive health. Yoga therefore helps eliminate diseases because it helps with digestive issues. The various stances in yoga help to open up the diaphragm and increase blood circulation it also helps with basic digestion. Breathing techniques also help aid in the digestive process which in turn helps to alleviate a lot of health issues.

Yoga and Diabetes

While there are no known cures for diabetes there is a lot a diabetic person can do beyond insulin injections in order to keep their blood sugar in check. One of the best ways to help with blood sugar is through the art of Yoga. Regular practice has been shown to help reduce the level of sugar in the blood as well as lower blood pressure. Yoga is also a fitness program and so proper training can help you to not only lose weight but also keep that weight off which is important to most diabetics. Currently Yoga is known to reduce the symptoms and keep the progression of the disease in check.

Yoga for Back Ache

Possibly one of the most common issues that yoga helps with is back pain. There are some rather simple exercises you can do in just minutes a day to relieve back pain and other parts of your routine that will help with preventative medicine. For starters you can try the rather simple Lengthening of the Spine exercise which you can do just about anywhere.

Sitting on the floor, or at your desk, even sitting on an airplane begin the exercise by:

  • Taking a breath slowly lift your arms from your sides.
  • Interlace fingers allowing your thumbs to gently touch
  • Stretch your body up as much as you feel comfortable.
  • Keep your elbows straight and ensure that your biceps touch your ears
  • Hold this position for 2-3 deep long breaths.

You can deepen this stretch by gently pulling your navel into your spine. Another popular yoga move that is good for your back involves twisting your spine to the right and left.

It begins much like the last exercise only after your arms are lifted.

  • Exhale, gently twist to the right, and hold this position through 2-3 breaths.
  • Inhale and come back to your center
  • Breathe out, twist to the left following the same procedure as the right.
  • Inhale and return back to your center.

Depending on the seriousness of your back pain it is a good idea to discuss any exercises with your doctor before you begin them. You can also discuss your back pains with a yoga instructor and have them walk you through the best exercises to make sure that you are getting the most out of your exercise.

There are other health issues that yoga helps with; for a full list of the benefits talk with a trained yoga instructor.

I’m Learning How to Massage at Home … with DVDs!

I had always dreamed of being able to learn how to give massages. Unfortunately, when I looked at going to school to learn how, I quickly had my dreams dashed. The cost and the rigorous class schedule were simply too much. There was no way I could work full time at my regular job, and then attend all of the classes needed for the school, plus pay the tuition for the classes. But my life quickly turned around when a friend told me about a set of massage training DVDs that would enable me to learn for a very low cost, in the comfort of my home. I wanted to know more!

So she told me that she had learned about this DVD training course called Home Study Massage through another friend who found out about it on Youtube (the channel is LearnHowToMassage if you want to check it out) and it sounded perfect for me. So I visited the website for more information, and it did sound perfect.

So I ordered my DVDs and waited for them to arrive (only took 4 days!). I am now able to watch them at my own leisure, when I have the time. And one of the best parts is that if I don’t understand something, I can rewind and watch the section again, or go back days later and refresh my memory by quickly skimming through parts.

The course teaches some of the most popular massage techniques around including full body, Indian head and facial techniques… everything that I needed to know in order to set up shop and begin giving massages. Thanks to the DVDs, and everything I have learned in them, I have been able to make a part time income giving massages. I hope to quit my job soon and do massages full-time.

If learning how to massage is something you like the sound of, I highly recommend getting the Home Study Massage DVD course yourself. You will love it! And even if you are strapped for cash you can still watch the videos for free on Youtube which is awesome, so go for it! (Sure, the advertising on Youtube is a little annoying, but hey, it’s FREE!)

Building Muscle Naturally

If you are looking to build muscle there are some natural ways to go about it that won’t require using fad muscle builders that do not have a track record for working. There are a lot of muscle builders on the market, and they cost anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars, however there are natural ways to go about building muscle that won’t break the bank.

Starting an Exercise Routine

Muscle is built through proper exercise. You should build a workout that goes no more than an hour a day, and focuses on the muscle groups that you plan on building. Changing routines on a regular basis and working different muscle groups will help you to strengthen your muscles quicker. You will want to change it up frequently, every few weeks, and stay focused on not going over that one hour limit for exercise. Work harder, not longer, because research has shown that going longer than an hour will actually be detrimental to building muscle. Your body needs short bursts of exercise rather than prolonged exercise.

Diet does matter

You are wanting to bulk up and put on muscle so it might seem crazy to read that you need to go on a “diet” but the word diet doesn’t mean eating less or eating diet foods. If you were to look up the definition of diet you might be surprised to learn that it is strictly defined as a way to improve a person’s physical condition through especially prescribed or defined methods of food selection. So when you are looking at bulking up and building muscle you really do need to go on a specialized diet, after all you essentially want to improve your physical condition. So what kind of diet are we talking about? Well simply put you are going to want to bulk up on the food take.

  • Eat five or six meals a day, every couple hours
  • Eat high protein foods
  • Increase your allotment of vegetables, fruits, and healthy snacks between high calorie meals
  • Consider adding a Shake, high in vegetables and proteins between regular meals.
  • Hit the Buffet

Let’s start with that last one, you want to push your body to the limits, work out hard and harder still at each of your sessions. Afterward push yourself a little bit more by hitting the buffet and eating a large meal. You cannot build muscle without the fat and proteins from food so bulk up on your food intake. Three of your meals should be regular food, preferably high in protein and fats; in between these three meals you could add a few smaller meals so that your body is getting food every few hours. Instead of a meal though you could substitute a shake, there are protein shakes that are sold through body building stores like GNC that offer to help you build muscle and while these supplements will not work instead of a regular meal they will do wonders if you add them to your diet between meals.


It might seem kind of odd to say that you need to rest, after all your goal is to bulk up and so you are going to want to work out. However, it is important to remember that anything you do is going to burn calories so in between exercises when you are supposed to be having down time you need to be down, take time to relax so that when you do burn calories it is focused on muscle building not simply burning the extra calories that you are trying to use to bulk up.

Proper Muscle Building Takes Time

Do not try to rush it, healthy muscle building should take time. Work with a fitness expert to know how long you should work out, what types of work outs will get you the best results. Talk with a nutritionist in order to understand the right diet that will help you bulk up and be wary of any quick fixes that suggest you can build muscle or bulk up simply by taking supplements. You can build muscle naturally you just have to be willing to put the effort into it.